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Supplementary Material for: Case Reports of Acne and Homeopathy

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posted on 2018-03-01, 10:20 authored by Nwabudike L.C.

Background: Acne vulgaris is a self-limiting disorder of the pilosebaceous unit. The aesthetic aspect of the disorder may provoke depression and diminish the quality of life. A number of agents are used for acne treatment, e.g., retinoids, antibiotics, benzoic acid, azelaic acid, and hormones. These agents have side-effects, sometimes severe ones. Case Reports: Presented are 2 cases of severe acne treated with individualized homeopathic medicines. Both patients were treated using the classical method of homeopathy, i.e., a single medicine based on the patient's individual characteristics was prescribed. The cases were documented photographically at onset and during the course of treatment. Both patients went into remission following treatment, and long-term follow-up suggested that the therapy remained efficacious long after cessation of treatment. No significant side effects were noted. Conclusions: Homeopathic medicines may be useful as stand-alone treatment of patients with severe acne vulgaris. A case series suggested a remission rate of more than 80% using individualized homeopathic treatment. The treatment remained efficacious long after cessation and is not accompanied by significant side-effects. It is to be hoped that this presentation will stimulate research interest into homeopathic medicines as stand-alone or adjunct treatments of acne.