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Supplemental Material for Lin, Liu, and Chen, 2019

posted on 2019-03-11, 15:37 authored by Ya-Ping Lin, Chu-Yin Liu, Kai-Yi ChenKai-Yi Chen

Figure S1 contains the cross-validation error of K value in ADMIXTURE. Figure S2 contains LD decay of the whole genome. Figure S3 contains 50 kb interval LD decay of each chromosome. Figure S4 contains the local LD of each chromosome. Figure S5 contains pairwise isolation by distance of 98 accessions. Figure S6 contains pairwise isolation by distance of SolCAP meta-analysis. Figure S7 contains the cross-validation error of SolCAP meta-analysis. Figure S8 contains the genome patterns of 214 samples in SolCAP meta-analysis. Figure S9 contains The PCA of SolCAP meta-analysis. Table S1 contains the detail information of each accession. Table S2 contains the statistical summaries of expected sites and sequenced sites of PstI, the sites targeted by SNP and the sequenced genes. Table S3 contains the information of 24,330 SNPs. Table S4 contains pairwise Fst of seven subpopulations. Table S5 contains the locations and genotypes of 214 samples of SolCAP genotyping array. Table S6 contains the removed 627 SNPs with reverse-complement allele designation. Table S7 contains the identity of 2,307 SNP markers within accessions. File S1 contains the analysis of isolation by distance. File S2 contains the meta-analysis of S. pimpinellifolium SolCAP genotyping data.


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Assessment of Genetic Differentiation and Linkage Disequilibrium in Solanum pimpinellifolium Using Genome-Wide High-Density SNP Markers

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