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Supplemental Data for Wright et al, 2019

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posted on 2019-07-03, 19:33 authored by Kevin M. Wright, Kristin A. Rand, Amir Kermany, Keith Noto, Don Curtis, Daniel Garrigan, Dmitri Slinkov, Ilya Dorfman, Julie M. Granka, Jake Byrnes, Natalie Myres, Catherine A. Ball, J. Graham Ruby
Supplemental Figures and Tables, with their Legends, are provided as a single PDF document: Supplemental Tables & Figures. In addition, Supplemental Tables 8 and 9 are provided as Excel documents and contain SNP-by-SNP summary statistics from each presented GWAS for representative SNPs with genomic control adjusted p-values less than 3.0x10-3 in the AncestryDNA cohorts (Supplemental Table 8) or 2.5x10-3 in the AncestryDNA-UKB meta analyses (Supplemental Table 9).


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A Prospective Analysis of Genetic Variants Associated with Human Lifespan

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