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Supplement 1. SORTIE/NZ alluvial and marine terrace forest model parameter files used in our simulations.

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posted on 2016-08-10, 17:32 authored by David M. Forsyth, Deborah J. Wilson, Tomás A. Easdale, Georges Kunstler, Charles D. Canham, Wendy A. Ruscoe, Elaine F. Wright, Lora Murphy, Andrew M. Gormley, Aurora Gaxiola, David A. Coomes

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alluvial_deer_rodents.xml (MD5: fec73f5cbe1cf1fbd587dc29cf9c42fd)

alluvial_nodeer_rodents.xml (MD5: 0435338fc8998aca9b9322bfea345533)

alluvial_deer_norodents.xml (MD5: d8bff34169c559dede221511169a3798)

alluvial_nodeer_norodents.xml (MD5: d3b24db3871cf4ade0e94b6c3c25bb3b)

marine_deer_rodents.xml (MD5: 8f5df79facd3ed25085b47afa33080de)

marine_nodeer_rodents.xml (MD5: 56108f6e203abab9e508e0d635ae6fd6)

marine_deer_norodents.xml (MD5: 6ce70e3af822e742c2a66331bf6997a7)

marine_nodeer_norodents.xml (MD5: 08a7c7506efbc9ab8c8e70d7786742dd)


The eight parameter files used in our simulations. The parameter files must be used with SORTIE-ND Version 6.11 or greater, which is available for download from http://www.sortie-nd.org/. The source code, programmer's guides, user guides, and documentation of all sub-models are all available online (http://www.sortie-nd.org/). Each of the four parameter files for the alluvial or marine terrace forest has the same tree map for the alluvial or marine terrace forest associated with it.

You must have Java Runtime Environment installed.
Once SORTE is installed you need to go 'File - Open File' and browse to the parameter file you want to load. Once this is done you need to go 'Edit Parameters' and then check the 'All' box at the bottom, this will allow you to browse all of the parameters.

If you want to run the simulation then you need to 'Edit - Output Options' and change both the summary and output file destinations (and possibly their names) to a local folder.