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Supplement 1. Google Earth file (.kml) containing a "pop-up" aerial oblique image and numeric (0–5.4) mortality rating based on the mountain pine beetle mortality (MPBM) rating system for all "look-at points" used and referenced in this study (see Fig. 5 in main text).

posted on 04.08.2016, 16:00 by William W. Macfarlane, Jesse A. Logan, Wilson R. Kern

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supplement_files.zip (928 MB) (md5: 85694fd5d35fba24bfaa91bc171d2563)
readme.pdf (md5: 0f01dd510fcf24a10951b0cc90d58dc2)
all_lookat_points.kml (md5: a8f4603bb4fbbe54b4589e6c4260eb63)


readme.pdf provides instructions on how to use these data.

all_lookat_points.kml is a kml file that can be opened in Google Earth 6. This file contains all 4653 GYE-wide "look-at points" with a single numeric (0–5.4) mortality rating based on the Mountain Pine Beetle Mortality Rating System (Appendix D). The kml file references the associated thumbnail images (.jpg) and therefore both the .kml file and images must reside in the same folder to ensure proper functioning of the "pop-up" images in Google Earth.

supplement_files.zip is a very large (928 MB) file that will take significant time to download. It contains all of the files for this supplement, including 4515 small format (thumbnail) aerial oblique image files (.jpg).