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Stress in dogs during grooming in a pet shop

posted on 2022-06-18, 08:09 authored by Mariany Ferreira, Mary Ana Petersen Rodriguez, Laura Lúcia dos Santos Oliveira, Camila Maida de Albuquerque Maranhão, Neide Judith Faria de Oliveira, Cinara da Cunha Siqueira Carvalho, Marcos Vinícius Ramos Afonso, Mariana Rabelo Madureira

ABSTRACT The objective was to study the stress level in dogs during grooming services in a pet shop. A total of 55 grooming services carried out in a pet shop in the city of Janaúba, MG, were evaluated and divided into four categories according to sex and body weight. The flowchart of the grooming process contained six steps that began with the transportation of dogs to the pet shop and finished with their return to the place of origin. Behavioral, physiological, and blood component evaluations were performed at different steps of the process. Changes in dog behavior and physiological parameters were observed primarily upon arrival at the pet shop and during drying. Employee characteristics also influenced dogs’ behaviors. However, dogs were able to thermoregulate and maintain the homeostasis of leukocytes, glucose and cortisol in the blood.