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Stereoselective Total Synthesis of Aminoiminohexitols via Carbamate Annulation

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posted on 02.12.2011 by Anna L. Win-Mason, Seino A. K. Jongkees, Stephen G. Withers, Peter C. Tyler, Mattie S. M. Timmer, Bridget L. Stocker
New methodology for the preparation of a variety of aminoiminohextitols is described. Key in the synthesis is the application of a diastereoselective Strecker reaction and the extension of our carbamate annulation methodology to protected and functionalized alkenylamines. Insight into the effects that the substitution patterns of the alkenylamines have on the diastereoselectivity of the iodocyclization and carbamate annulation is discussed. An evaluation of the glycosidase inhibitory activity of the aminoiminohexitols and derivatives is also presented, with the previously undisclosed d-talo isomer showing good selective inhibition of β-d-glucosidase.