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Signals in the Aetosauria matrix by W. G. Parker (2016)

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posted on 2018-03-07, 16:59 authored by Guido GrimmGuido Grimm
This file set is just a demonstration of how to infer 10000 (quick-and-dirty) bootstrap replicates (under parsimony or other optimality criteria) related to a Q&A to Parker (2016)
– see https://peerj.com/questions/1939-computational-constraints/ – to bypass the mentioned computational constraints.

It includes

A NEXUS-formatted (optimised for PAUP*) template file showing my standard code lines for PAUP* framing the data matrix of Parker (2016), and an extra blog for running a basic bootstrapping analysis under the maximum-parsimony and least-squares optimality criteria — Aetosauria.nex

An archive (http://www.7-zip.org/) including splits-NEXUS-formatted bootstrap consensus networks inferred from both bootstrap pseudoreplicate samples with SplitsTree using a cut-off of 20% (only alternative edge-bundles are shown that occur in more than 20% of the bootstrap pseudoreplicates). See also ReadMe.txt included in the archive — Results.7z

Note for re-use
When (re-)using the data (the morphological data matrix), make sure to cite and read the original paper by W. G. Parker — https://peerj.com/articles/1583/

For those who just re-use my codelines (and not any files included in the archive), feel free to cite or not.this figshare submission. When you use the files in the archive, you should cite this figshare submission and the original paper that provided the open data