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Selection of candidate lane parameters.

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posted on 2023-03-06, 18:27 authored by Arnaud Saval, Duc Pham Minh, Kevin Chapuis, Pierrick Tranouez, Clément Caron, Éric Daudé, Patrick Taillandier

Continuous improvement in computing power allowed for an increase of the scales micro-traffic models can be used at. Among them, agent-based frameworks are now appropriate for studying ordinary traffic conditions at city-scale, but remain difficult to adapt, especially for non-computer scientists, to more specific application contexts (e.g., car accidents, evacuation following a natural disaster), that require integrating particular behaviors for the agents. In this paper, we present a built-in model integrated into the GAMA open-source modeling and simulation platform, allowing the modeler to easily define traffic simulations with a detailed representation of the driver’s operational behaviors. In particular, it allows modelling road infrastructures and traffic signals, change of lanes by driver agents and less normative traffic mixing car and motorbike as in some South East Asian countries. Moreover, the model allows to carry out city-level simulations with tens of thousands of driver agents. An experiment carried out shows that the model can accurately reproduce the traffic in Hanoi, Vietnam.