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Scholarly Neural Network Diagram Interviews

posted on 2020-08-28, 18:27 authored by Guy MarshallGuy Marshall, André Freitas, Caroline JayCaroline Jay
These datasets contain:
(i) interview transcripts
(ii) interviewer script
(iii) example diagrams to elicit opinions
(iv) task list for card sorting.

Semi-structured interviews are a well-established technique for collecting data. Prior to formal commencement of the study one pilot user was taken through using a preliminary interview script, which led to the refinement of the interview materials. The interview questions are available alongside the transcript data, the overarching questions being:
- Can you describe how you use diagrams when communicating your research?
- How do you use diagrams when consuming research?

Following the graphic elicitation and card sorting exercises, additional follow-up questions were asked, about the role of diagrams more generally and exploring topics that came up during the interview. The entire interview session, including the two exercises, was audio recorded and documented in the transcript. Six participants were interviewed face-to-face, and six were interviewed over Skype video software. Interview resources were presented as printouts or as PDFs. The interviews took an average of just over 1 hour, resulting in 12 hours, 4 minutes, 54 seconds of audio recording. The recordings were transcribed with personally identifiable information and unnecessary non-words redacted, resulting in over 58,000 words of transcription. The interviews were conducted in English, and the majority of participants were non-native English speakers. The transcripts capture what was said, with the interviewer adding clarifications of understood meaning in square brackets where required.