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SamSrf toolbox for pRF mapping

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posted on 08.05.2017, 21:18 by Data from SamPenDuData from SamPenDu
Current version: 5.82 (08-05-2017)

Our Matlab toolbox for pRF mapping analysis. Uses SPM8 or SPM12 and FreeSurfer functionality for preprocessing. Also requires Statistics Toolbox, Optimization Toolbox, and Curve Fitting Toolbox (not strictly necessary) for Matlab.

An extensive documentation "cookbook" is included. Please contact Sam ( for any questions but please be advised that we are not able to provide tech support for people we don't collaborate with.

As of version 5.63, we included a new tutorial explaining how to delineate visual areas using the DelineationTool in MatLab and giving advice on what to do with tricky retinotopic maps.


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