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posted on 2019-03-26, 11:22 authored by T IlankoT Ilanko
UV camera absorbance images of degassing from Sabancaya volcano, Peru, 27 April 2018, collected using Raspberry Pi-based cameras during the 2018 NOVAC workshop.

Two cameras (A and B) were about 10.3 km from the plume and summit, while a third was about 4.25 km from the summit at the permanent NOVAC station SAD1 (Ampato). Images are in five video files that play at 1 fps.

Camera_A_1 (14:02:12 - 14:42:36) and Camera_A_2 (14:55:52 - 15:23:40) were collected using one camera from the same position, viewing the summit, at 0.25 fps.

Camera_B_1 (14:42:52 - 15:08:08) at 0.25 fps is also centred on the summit, while Camera_B_2 (15:21:25 - 15:44:45) views the downwind plume at 0.2 fps.

The Near_vent camera (15:00:52 - 15:49:56), collected at 0.25 fps, is from the third camera at about 4.25 km, also centered on the summit.


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