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SIMP J2154-1055 in a NIR CMD, compared to BASS candidates

posted on 22.07.2014, 08:35 by Jonathan GagnéJonathan Gagné, David Lafrenière, René Doyon, Étienne Artigau, Lison Malo, Jasmin Robert, Daniel Nadeau

Thus figure shows the positions of SIMP J2154-1055 (red circle) in 2MASS/WISE color-magnitude diagrams, compared to the field sequence (black line), its scatter (gray region) and all candidate members to young moving groups from the BASS sample (black dots or purple dots when youth is confirmed; see Gagné et al. 2013).

Please cite all references in the "Links" section below if you use this Figure. After september 2014, also verify if the full ApJL reference is available on ADS.


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