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posted on 27.08.2019, 05:45 by Daqiang WuDaqiang Wu, Yeye Zhao

After the quality control of the original transcriptomic data, we used Bowtie2 to compare clean reads to the reference gene sequence , and then RSEM was used to calculate the expression levels of genes and transcripts. The results in the table S1 showed that most genes in P. aeruginosa were expressed under both conditions.

In order to reflect the correlation of gene expression between samples, Pearson correlation coefficients of all gene expression amounts between every samples were calculated, and then expression amount distribution analysis were performed. The obtained results are shown in Fig. S1A below. According to the gene expression level of each sample, a total of 2047 differentially expressed genes were detected by the threshold of fold changes>2, Q value<0.001, of which 368 genes were up-regulated and 1679 genes were down-regulated. The quantity of down regulated genes are significantly larger than the up-regulated genes. The results are shown in volcanic map of Fig. S1B.


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