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SHARAD Cluttersims from Dundas et al. 2017 Science

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posted on 2017-10-25, 16:25 authored by Ali BramsonAli Bramson, Jack Holt, Michael Christoffersen, Colin Dundas
This fileset contains the SHARAD (Shallow Radar) clutter simulations from the Dundas et al. 2017 Science manuscript "Exposed sheets of subsurface ice in the Martian mid-latitudes".

These clutter simulations were generated by Dr. Jack Holt's research group at UTexas. These simulations align with the FPB processor data (U.S. SHARAD team products) that were inspected for the Dundas et al. paper.

MOLA-based cluttersims were inspected for all 7 sites + Milankovic crater. These are the files with the naming convention UTSIM_trackNumber-v1.5-4096-Sim.png.

HRSC is the High Resolution Stereo Camera onboard Mars Express. Scarps #1 and #5 are in areas where HRSC Digital Terrain Model (DTM) coverage already existed publicly (h2213_0000_dt4.img and h2587_0001_dt4.img, respectively). These DTMs were used to create higher resolution clutter simulations at these two sites. These are the files with the convention UTSIM_trackNumber-HRSC-v1.5-4096-Sim.png.

Thank you to the JMARS Software ( for their radargram functionality, which aided in comparing the SHARAD tracks to the locations of the icy scarp sites.

The SHARAD instrument was provided to NASA’s Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter mission by the Italian Space Agency (ASI).


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