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Results from one representative ChIP experiment, which included four antibody concentrations, including two (1 μg, 4 μg) that were not included in subsequent experimental replicates.

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posted on 22.05.2020, 17:26 by Floriana Volpicelli, Roberto De Gregorio, Salvatore Pulcrano, Carla Perrone-Capano, Umberto di Porzio, Gian Carlo Bellenchi

For the experiment represented in this file, there was one experimental sample per condition; cells F27-S42 in the Excel file include data for the pPitx3-I experiment, the 2 μg results from this experiment represent one replicate of the three independent experiments summarized in the Fig 4D graph. The raw data for the other replicates are not available. Two potential binding sites for Nurr1 on the Pitx3 promoter were identified, named pPitx3-I and pPitx3-II. Only promoter I (pPitx3-I) is significantly enriched after the ChIP and was assessed in following experiments. Quantification of Pitx3 promoter by qPCR after ChIP. Data obtained with 2 μg antibody are reported in the original Fig 4D. The efficiency of IP was calculated as follows: (a) ΔCt (CtIP − CtINPUT) was calculated considering the abundance of a target DNA sequence (bound or immunoprecipitated, CtIP) relative to input chromatin (CtINPUT); (b) the results were expressed as 2-ΔCt or as 2-ΔCt x 100 (.xls file column O).