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Residential Wearable RSSI and Accelerometer Measurements with Detailed Annotations

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Version 5 2019-01-31, 08:40
Version 4 2018-08-23, 08:12
Version 3 2018-08-23, 08:10
Version 2 2018-08-23, 08:05
Version 1 2018-06-12, 14:52
posted on 2019-01-31, 08:40 authored by Dallan ByrneDallan Byrne, Michal KozlowskiMichal Kozlowski

This repository offers smart-home wearable accelerometer and Radio Signal Strength (RSS) data acquired : 1) with low-cost hardware 2) with high-resolution location annotations 3) from four lived-in premises.


1. Download and unzip the dataset.

2. Navigate to:

3. Install prerequisites:
pip -r install requirements.txt

4.Run the sample module to load and view the measurements :
python3 src/

Further Information

Please cite: Byrne, D., Kozlowski, M., Santos-Rodriguez, R., Piechocki, R. & Craddock, I. Residential wearable RSSI and accelerometer measurements with detailed location annotations. Sci. Data 5, 180168 (2018).

Thanks to: Raul Santos-Rodriguez, Robert Piechocki, Ian Craddock, SPHERE IRC team, Beatriz Monsalve-Carcalen and Raimon Fransoy.


This work was performed under the Sensor Platform for HEalthcare in a Residential Environment (SPHERE) Interdisciplinary Research Collaboration (IRC) funded by the UK Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC), Grant EP/K031910/1