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Research Lifecycle Activity

posted on 2017-10-09, 21:18 authored by Claire SewellClaire Sewell
The library has many roles to play in supporting users through the lifecycle of research but it can be hard for librarians new to the field to know where to start.

This activity can be used to illustrate the different ways libraries can support researchers:

1) The facilitator prints out the individual stages of the lifecycle and sticks these on a wall in sequence. The facilitator also prints out the librarian and individual research activity cards

2) The facilitator shows participants the complete lifecycle and outlines each stage

3) Participants are each given a librarian card. They stick these on to the lifecycle segment they most identify with

4) Participants look at the activity cards and use different colour stickers to indicate:
- activities they currently undertake in their library
- activities they think the library should have responsibility for

5) Participants then stick the activity cards on the relevant segment of the lifecyle

This activity illustrates to participants just how much of the research lifecycle libraries can support and opens up discussions about the role of the library.