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Reconstruction of Large and Complex Cranial Defects

posted on 2022-03-18, 08:04 authored by Jianning LiJianning Li, Antonio PepeAntonio Pepe, Christina Gsaxner, Jan EggerJan Egger

This repository contains the automatically generated (with minor manual post-processing) cranial implants (in NRRD format) for the 29 craniotomy skulls in the MUG500+ dataset ( and the 11 defective skulls from Task 2 of the AutoImplant II challenge (

The implants together with the corresponding skulls could serve the following purposes:

1) as test samples, where the implants are the baseline results

2) as the training samples

3) as educational tools (e.g., 3D Printing)

The video ('implant manual cleaning.mp4') shows how the resulting implant (subtraction between the reconstructed skull and the defective skull) can be post-processed manually using 3D slicer.

If you use any part of the dataset, please cite the following:

(1) Li J., et al. MUG500+: Database of 500 High-resolution Healthy Human Skulls and 29 Craniotomy Skulls and Implants. Data in Brief, Elsevier, 2021.

(2) Li, J., et al.  Back to the Roots: Reconstructing Large and Complex Cranial Defects using an Image-based Statistical Shape Model