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Real-time EEG and Magnetometer Data

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posted on 19.11.2015, 01:53 by Kevin SarokaKevin Saroka, David Vares, Michael Persinger

Harmonic Synchrony Subjects.zip

Dataset to recreate portions of Figures 7 and 8.


These datasets are MATLAB workspaces which contain simultaneous measurements of the earth-ionosphere ultra-low frequency (ULF) activity and 19 channel quantitative electroencephalographs for 3 subjects.  Subjects marked local indicate that ULF activity was monitored simultaneously in Sudbury, Canada while non-local indicates that the e-field measured in Cumiana, Italy.  See links below for live data from both stations.

The variables in the workspaces are:

1) Raw_19ChanEEG_Mag_Refiltered

Contains the raw data (19 brain leads + magnetometer) which has been filtered with eegfiltfft.m between 1.5 and 40 Hz.  First 19 columns indicate brain channels

1. Fp1

2. Fp2

3. F7

4. F3

5. Fz

6. F4

7. F8

8. T3

9. C3

10. Cz

11. C4

12. T4

13. T5

14. P3

15. Pz

16. P4

17. T6

18. O1

19. O2

20. Induction Coil Magnetometer


2) srate

Sampling rate used during data collection

3) Fig(x) left/right

This indicates the temporal periods (in seconds) in the time series from which left or right components of Figures 7 or 8 can be reproduced exactly.


4) cRMS

The integrated root-mean-square of the posterior channels which can be derived using the MATLAB expression

>>[new variable]=transpose(sqrt(mean(transpose(x(:,13:19).^2))))"] 

where x is the "Raw_19Chan..." variable.



This is the induction coil magnetometer/Marconi antenna data only


6) cRMS_Mag

This is the integrated cRMS and induction coil data organized into two rows (1=cRMS, 2=mag).  It is this signal that can be entered into the cross-coherence function within EEGLab.