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Raw data and code for epidemiological model

posted on 2020-07-10, 08:34 authored by Louise NoergaardLouise Noergaard, Giacomo Zilio, Camille Saade, Claire Gougat-Barbera, Matthew D Hall, Emanuel A. Fronhofer, Oliver Kaltz

Files in this folder contain data collected from parasite adaptation assays.

1. Dispersal_data: number of infected individuals observed in dispersal patch (n_I_DISPERSERS) and number of infected in resident tube (n_I_RESIDENT) for each unique combination of Host genotype, selection line and experimental block.

2. Infectivity_data: number of infected and uninfected individuals on day 4 post inoculation for each culture; unique combinations of host genotype and selection line.

3. Infectiousness_data: number of host with infectious stages of infection over time (days post infection, DPI). Unique host genotype and selection line combinations are measured over a sliding-window as explained in the text.

4. Virulence data: data collected from the virulence assay. The maximum number of paramecia observed in each culture (n_paramecium_max) and the number of paramecium at day 20 (n_paramecium_dat20), for each combination of infected and uninfected host genotype and selection lines. Column survive_day (and column censor) refer to the day that each culture goes extinct, or are alive at experimental termination on day 20.

5. Movement_data: swimming speed (net_speed_mean) and turning angle (sd_turning_mean) for each culture; unique combinations of infected and uninfected host genotype and selection line.

And, a compressed file contains the code and data used to fit the epidemiological model. Specified details and readme is provided within the folder.


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