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Raw 19-channel EEG Data

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posted on 2015-11-13, 04:36 authored by Kevin SarokaKevin Saroka, David Vares, Michael Persinger

This MATLAB workspace contains raw 19-channel EEG records (uV) for 237 cases.  The epoch lengths are 16 seconds in duration, sampled at 250 Hz.  All data has been re-filtered using the eegfiltfft.m function within EEGLab (Delorme and Makeig, 2004).  Each column pertains to one channel.  Columns are:

1. Fp1

2. Fp2

3. F7

4. F3

5. Fz

6. F4

7. F8

8. T3

9. C3

10. Cz

11. C4

12. T4

13. T5

14. P3

15. Pz

16. P4

17. T6

18. O1

19. O2


All data has been collected from eyes closed baselines of various experiments.  All have been collected with a Mitsar-201 amplifier running WinEEG and exported as *.txt files.  


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