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Random 10 Subject Sample

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posted on 13.11.2015, 04:36 by Kevin SarokaKevin Saroka, David Vares, Michael Persinger

Random 10 Sample.sav
For reproduction of Figure 3

Dataset contains the raw voltages (uV) for 10 randomly selected individuals from the larger dataset (N=237). Data is 16 seconds sampled at 250 Hz and filtered between 1.5 and 40 Hz.

The general anatomy of each variable is:

s(x)fp1 or s(x)o2

where x is the subject number (1-10).

Thus s5fp1 refers to the raw time-series voltages in Fp1 sensor for subject 5
and s8o2 refers to the raw time-series voltages for O2 sensor for subject 8



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