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RadISpeC program code (.m files and GUI for Matlab IDE)

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posted on 2021-06-15, 14:45 authored by Benjamin Arnold Krekeler HartzBenjamin Arnold Krekeler Hartz

If using this code, please cite with:

"Hartz, Benjamin Arnold Krekeler (2019): RadISpeC program code (.m files and GUI for Matlab IDE). figshare. Software."

Radiation: Interface for Matlab Spectroscopy Calculations (RadISpeC) is a program that use HITRAN/HITEMP data to generate Line-by-Line (LBL) spectra at a wanted spectral resolution and environment. These data can be used with Discrete Transfer Methods (DTM), Ray Tracing (RT) etc. solvers to estimate high precision radiation in heated flow problems.

It was created as a part of the article "Evaluation of spectral radiative properties of gases in high-pressure combustion" by Westly et. al. from 2022. ( This article also show how well the program is at simulating heated gas flows for CO2 and H2O compared to experimental results. (CO model is also included)
The program contain all setups that was used for the article to use free of charge, as long as the program and article is cited.

All functions have descriptions that explain how to use them and contain call methods. If a more detailed description of theory is wanted, check the RadISpeC documentation PDF inside the RadISpeC folder. This PDF also contain the same information as the function descriptions.

The program work fully with the Matlab IDE for 2017b. (Checked with 2019b and updated)

If the user want to use the created GUI, the Matlab version has to be 2017b or newer. This lies in the function UIFigure that is used, which after an update from 2017a to 2017b made it uncompatible with older Matlab versions.

It is possible to request an ".exe" with a standalone version of the program that use the GUI by contacting Anders Ivarsson from DTU MEK (

There have been program updates since last .exe build!