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R functions for Mahalanobis' distance and related effect sizes

posted on 2020-03-14, 03:24 authored by Marco Del GiudiceMarco Del Giudice
Version 8c

Two simple R functions to compute multivariate standardized differences between two groups (Mahalanobis’ D), either from raw data or from Cohen's d values and correlations. The functions return uncorrected and bias-corrected values of D, exact confidence intervals, bootstrapped confidence intervals (only from raw data), heterogeneity coefficients, and a number of additional diagnostics and effect sizes. Disattenuated estimates can also be computed if desired.

See: Del Giudice, M. (2020). Measuring sex differences and similarities. In D. P. VanderLaan & W. I. Wong (Eds.), Gender and sexuality development: Contemporary theory and research. New York, NY: Springer.


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