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RADAR: A novel fast-screening method for reading difficulties with special focus on dyslexia

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posted on 09.05.2017, 11:40 authored by Ioannis Smyrnakis, Vassilios Andreadakis, Vassilios Selimis, Michail Kalaitzakis, Theodora Bachourou, Georgios Kaloutsakis, George D. Kymionis, Stelios Smirnakis, Ioannis M. Aslanides
We introduce a novel, fast, objective, non-invasive method, named Rapid Assessment of Difficulties and Abnormalities in Reading (RADAR) that screens for features associated with the aberrant visual scanning of reading text, seen in dyslexia. Eye tracking parameter measurements that are stable under retest and have high discriminative power, as indicated by their ROC (Receiver Operating Characteristic) curves, were obtained during silent text reading. Analysis of eye movement parameters obtained with RADAR during reading will likely be useful for implementing individualized treatment strategies and for monitoring objectively the success of chosen interventions.