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Quercus ilex chorology

posted on 19.06.2017, 12:53 by Giovanni CaudulloGiovanni Caudullo, Erik Welk, Jesus San-Miguel-Ayanz
Distribution map of holm oak (Quercus ilex)

These maps were produced by combining numerous and heterogeneous data collected from atlas monographs providing complete species distribution maps, from national to regional atlases, occurrence geodatabases and scientific literature.
The maps were created using ESRI shapefiles (*.shp, *.shx, *.dbf, *.prj files) archived in the ZIP file. Species range is mapped with polygon features (name suffix “plg”), which define continuous areas of occupancy of the species, and with point features (name suffix “pnt”), which identify more fragmented and isolated populations. If synanthropic occurrences are reported outside the species natural range, additional point and/or polygon shapefiles are also present (suffix “syn”).
All polygon borders delimiting the range are generalized across the mainland and sea boundaries, and not clipped to a specific coastline. This offers the possibility to mask sea areas, or to clip and extract the terrestrial range parts using GIS data layers of the users’ choice.

Please cite as:
Caudullo, G., Welk, E., San-Miguel-Ayanz, J., 2017. Chorological maps for the main European woody species. Data in Brief 12, 662-666. DOI: doi.org/10.1016/j.dib.2017.05.007

Additional information and used references are on 'supplementary materials' document:

Chorological maps are part of the "European Atlas of Forest Tree Species" project:


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