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QMOF Database

posted on 13.07.2021, 00:05 by Andrew Rosen
This repository hosts the Quantum MOF (QMOF) database as described in: https://doi.org/10.1016/j.matt.2021.02.015.

Please refer to the following GitHub repository for a description of the files hosted here, supplemental scripts, and other related information:

If you are looking to download any of these files to a compute cluster, you can avoid transferring them from your local machine by instead: 1) right-clicking the "download" link for the file you want; 2) selecting "copy link"; 3) running `wget https://ndownloader.figshare.com/files/######` (where this is the copied link) on the computer cluster; 4) after it downloads, renaming the file with the appropriate extension and unpacking it as usual.

This work was supported in part by the U.S. Department of Energy, Office of Basic Energy Sciences, Division of Chemical Sciences, Geosciences and Biosciences through the Nanoporous Materials Genome Center under Award Number DE-FG02-17ER16362.


National Defense Science and Engineering Graduate Fellowship

Nanoporous Materials Genome Center (DE-FG02-17ER16362)