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Publication, Power, and Patronage: On Inequality and Academic Publishing

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posted on 2017-01-17, 15:43 authored by Andrew PiperAndrew Piper, Chad WellmonChad Wellmon
This data set accompanies our article, "Publication, Power, and Patronage: On Inequality and Academic Publishing," Critical Inquiry (forthcoming).

The data set contains metadata on institutional affiliation for 5,664 academic articles published in four prestige journals within the humanities (PMLA, Critical Inquiry, New Literary History, Representations). Included in the metadata are the author's institutional affiliation at time of publication, the author's PhD institution, and the author's gender. 3,547 authors are represented from 344 PhD-granting institutions and 721 authorial institutions. We also include supplementary data on gender and publication on another 3,845 articles published since 2010 in 16 further journals. R code included to calculate all results, tables, and graphs.


Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada