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Proposal for Praxeological Analysis of Chemistry Notions in Official Documents and Textbooks

posted on 2021-03-25, 10:38 authored by Kleyfton Soares da Silva, Laerte Silva da Fonseca, Luciano Pontes da Silva, Edmo Fernandes Carvalho

Abstract: This article brings the application of the Anthropological Theory of the Didactic (ATD) in the praxeological analysis of the notion of Molecular Geometry (MG). The main objective is to analyze the possibility of praxeological relations that reinforces the need for articulation between ostensive and non-ostensive objects during the teaching of MG. These objects are understood by ATD, which assumes the need for tasks that require techniques, technologies and theories to put the student in mathematical activity. At the institutional level, official documents are analyzed, and two textbooks approved by Programa Nacional do Livro e do Material Didático (PNLD) are also analyzed for the existence of praxeologies. Given these conditions, it is concluded that, in the case of official documents, the notion of MG is not based on praxeologies. However, as for the textbooks analyzed, it was found that it is possible to have praxeologies that allow the student to be active.