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posted on 2019-01-04, 19:29 authored by John TurnerJohn Turner
Data set taken in a 19 row x 5 column array of model wind turbines. Turbines here are modeled as drag matched (C_T=0.92) porous disks with 0.51 porosity. Disks are 0.25 m in diameter with an incoming boundary layer height of about 0.8 m.
Velocity profiles from a pitot tube were obtained in the center column at x/D=6 in the streamwise direction behind each row.

The turbine array studies were conducted in the University of New Hampshire (UNH) Flow Physics Facility (FPF). The UNH FPF is a large physics quality turbulent boundary layer wind tunnel.
The test section measures 6 m (W) x 2.7 m (H) x 72 m (L).
Test section velocities of up to 14 m/s can be achieved with free stream turbulence intensities less than 0.5% at all downstream locations.
Naturally grown turbulent boundary layers on the order of 1 meter thick with the correct range of scales, and Reynolds numbers based on boundary layer scale ratios, with delta plus around 20,000 (corresponds to delta=0.7-0.8 m) can be achieved towards the downstream end of the test section.
Spanwise variation in friction velocity measured with a preston tube is less than +/- 0.5% when outside of the side wall boundary layers.
The ceiling of the test section slopes slightly upward to help eliminate pressure gradient based on the growth of boundary layers tripped on the floor and two side walls.

----------README FILE----------
%Values per point (Given in the file Processed_Data_RowX.csv)
%Row: Row #: profiles were measured downstream at an x/D=6 of this row number, 0 indicates inlet profile measured at x/D=2 upstream of row 1
%PointNo: Number of point in the profile
%Vertical_location_mm: Distance of the point from the floor (mm)
%U_m_s: Velocity at x/D=6 downstream of center column turbine. (rounded to 0.01 m/s)
%Uinf_m_s: Freestream velocity at 1.7 m from floor (rounded to 0.01 m/s)
%T_C: Temperature. (rounded to 0.1 C)
Þnsity_kg_m3: Calculated from ideal gas law with humidity correction (rounded to 0.01 kg/m^3)
%Uncertainty_mean_percent: Uncertainty on the mean velocity (rounded to 0.1 percent)

%Values remaining constant for each profile over the 24 point data set (given in the file Profile_Values.csv)
%Row: Row #: profiles were measured downstream at an x/D=6 of this row number, 0 indicates inlet profile measured at x/D=2 upstream of row 1
%TurbineRow_Location_from_Inlet_m: Streamwise location of turbine row measured from inlet of test section (in m)
%Measurement_Location_from_Inlet_m: Streamwise measurement location from inlet of test section. Center column of array. Measured at x/D=6 behind row number (in m)
Þlta99_mm: Boundary layer height calculated by location at 99% of maximum velocity (rounded to 1 mm)
%Umax_m_s: Maximum velocity in the profile (rounded to 0.01 m/s)
%Humidity: Weather station data (rounded to 1 %)
%Patm_kPa: Weather station data (rounded to 0.1 kPa)
%Cp: Coefficient of Pressure. Cp = 1-(U_x/U_inlet)^2. U_x is U_max velocity per profile taken at Row location. U_inlet is U_max velocity per profile taken at Row1. (Definition of pressure coefficient Cp is the same as used in Harun2010). (rounded to 0.001)