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posted on 2015-02-19, 09:45 authored by John CookJohn Cook, Patricia SantosPatricia Santos, Yishay MorYishay Mor, BIIML (Bristol, UK)BIIML (Bristol, UK)

The Bristol Ideas in Mobile Learning Symposium brought together practitioners, industry players and researchers who exchanged their visions of how to use mobile technology to fundamentally change the way we teach and learn. Contributions offered combinations of conceptual, critical, design, empirical, theoretical or experimental work that related in some way to the Symposium's broad themes and/or the three trends it identified. We invited either -ideas- paper abstracts or -ideas- for the mobiLearnFest component of the Symposium around the broad themes of: innovation, creativity and sustainability for mobile learning. However, we had a strong preference that papers addressed at least one of the following three trends of mobile learning state-of-the-art research.

* Focus on new patterns of connected social learning and work-based practices.
* Focus on designing for -mobile learning- at scale.
* Focus on the boundaries of learning that the (m) in m-learning forces us to explore.

There was a very strong European feel to the Symposium, with contributors from: Netherlands, Spain, Germany, Switzerland, Croatia, Italy, Kazakhstan, Sweden, Norway and UK. Plus we had colleagues from the USA presenting. There are various Slides, webcasts / hangouts of the event.


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