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Primary repellents review

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posted on 2018-11-13, 14:27 authored by carolina saavedracarolina saavedra

We surveyed the Web of Science database using the keywords “repellent”, “deterrent”, “deter” and “repel”. We focused on terrestrial mammals and included publications dealing with the use or development of chemical or semiochemical primary repellents to deal with herbivore and carnivore mammals, excluding reviews and commentaries. First, as a measure of repellents efficacy, we collected all available empirical data measuring a) the amount of food consumed by target species exposed to a repellent, b) the number of trespassing events in an area treated with a repellent, and c) the approach distance to a repellent source or the time spent in a treated area, with a BACI approach, before and after a chemical or semiochemical repellent was applied. Then weadded 0.1 to every value and calculated a repellency ratio between measures using the repellent over the control situation (repellent/control) and standardized it by using ln in order to avoid over dispersion (after Moreira-Arce et al. 2018)