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Power Plant Satellite Imagery Dataset

This dataset contains satellite imagery of 4,454 power plants within the United States. The imagery is provided at two resolutions: 1m (4-band NAIP iamgery with near-infrared) and 30m (Landsat 8, pansharpened to 15m). The NAIP imagery is available for the U.S. and Landsat 8 is available globally. This dataset may be of value for computer vision work, machine learning, as well as energy and environmental analyses.

Additionally, annotations of the specific locations of the spatial extent of the power plants in each image is provided. These annotations were collected via the crowdsourcing platform, Amazon Mechanical Turk, using multiple annotators for each image to ensure quality. Links to the sources of the imagery data, the annotation tool, and the team that created the dataset are included in the "References" section.

To read more on these data, please refer to the "Power Plant Satellite Imagery Dataset Overview.pdf" file. To download a sample of the data without downloading the entire dataset, download "sample.zip" which includes two sample powerplants and the NAIP, Landsat 8, and binary annotations for each.

Note: the NAIP imagery may appear "washed out" when viewed in standard image viewing software because it includes a near-infrared band in addition to the standard RGB data.


This dataset was created by students and faculty at Duke University with financial support from the Energy Initiative, the Information Initiative's Data+ program, Bass Connections in Energy, the Pratt School of Engineering and the Nicholas Institute for Environmental Policy Solutions.