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Population scenarios for Central Germany_Spatial datasets

posted on 05.04.2016, 08:49 authored by Joerg PriessJoerg Priess, Christian Schweitzer, Subhashree DasSubhashree Das, Eva LangEva Lang, Christian HoyerChristian Hoyer
Dear users,
this dataset contains the 500m base grid for Central Germany as an ARCGIS shapefile in which all pixels have a uniqui ID.
Please use this ID to link the spatial data (=grid) to the scenario tables, which are provided in the EXCEL file. Please read the read_me in the EXCEL file for more details on the data provided therein.
Scenarios have been calculated with the SITE model using among other inputs 2 other figshare dadatsets:

Population scenarios: https://figshare.com/articles/Population_scenarios_for_Central_Germany/3082183
Spatial data Central Germany: https://figshare.com/articles/Central_Germany_GIS_dataset/1318765        
Metadata to spatial data: https://figshare.com/articles/Centra_Germany_Dataset_Metadata/1319479

Any questions welcome: joerg.priess@ufz.de
(or the authors of the other datasets)