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Piezofluorochromic Metal–Organic Framework: A Microscissor Lift

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posted on 2015-08-19, 00:00 authored by Qiang Zhang, Jie Su, Dawei Feng, Zhangwen Wei, Xiaodong Zou, Hong-Cai Zhou
We have successfully constructed a metal–organic framework, denoted as PCN-128W, starting from chromophoric linker and zirconium salt. PCN-128W exhibits interesting piezofluorochromic behavior, the color reversibly changes from white to yellow and so does the emission maximum from 470 to 538 nm. The stepwise fluorescence change was monitored by fluorospectroscopy which demonstrated gradual shift of the emission maximum when sequential compression was exerted. In order to gain deep insights into the piezofluorochromic mechanism, both the white and yellow phases are structurally characterized.