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Pie macaúba pulp for finishing pigs

posted on 26.12.2018, 03:33 authored by Martolino Barbosa da COSTA JÚNIOR, Cláudio Luiz Corrêa AROUCA, Mônica Patrícia MACIEL, Felipe Shindy AIURA, Dalton de Oliveira FONTES, Bruno Oliver ROSA, Carina de Araújo LIMA, Isabela Sabino FERNANDES

The experiment was conducted at the Division of Swine Department of Animal Science of Veterinary School of the Federal University of Minas Gerais, at Experimental Farm Professor Hélio Barbosa, Igarapé-MG, 2013. This study aimed to evaluate the effect of adding of levels of macaúba pulp cake for pigs in the finishing phase. The design was in blocks at random (RBD), with 5 treatments, 4 replicates, and 2 animals (male and female) per pen totalizing 40 hybrid pigs. The treatments were 1 - control diet, 2 = diet with 5 % of macaúba pulp cake, 3 = diet with 10 % of macaúba pulp cake, 4 = diet with 15 % of macaúba pulp cake, 5 = diet with 20 % of macaúba pulp cake. The diets and water were supplied ad libitum. They were evaluated: animal performance, final weight, average daily gain, average feed intake and feed conversion, in vivo evaluations of backfat thickness in ETP1 and ETP2 points, loin depth, percentage of lean meat, daily deposition rate lean meat and features of hot carcass weight, backfat thickness at the tenth rib and backfat thickness at the last rib and carcass length. The CDR was significant by Dunnett test, with quadratic effect reaching the best consumption when it provides 9.4% and TDCMD quadratic behavior presented with better deposition of lean meat when you add 10.3% of the pie in the feed.