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Pharmacokinetic parameter estimates.

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posted on 14.06.2018 by Sulav Duwal, Laura Dickinson, Saye Khoo, Max von Kleist

The table displays the estimated pharmacokinetic parameter estimates for healthy individuals. Interindiviual variability (random effects) was included on drug clearance CL/Fbio and the volume of distribution Vc/Fbio. These parameters were log-normal distributed as outlined in the Methods section, eq (11), with coefficient of variation [%] , where σ2 is the variance of the associated normal distribution. A covariance of between x = CL/Fbio and y = Vc/Fbio was estimated. The absorption rate constant was fixed [88] to 2.24h−1. Residual variability (eq (10)) was described by a combined proportional-additive model for healthy volunteers [σ = 0.213 (37.2%) and 0.0019 mg/L (40.9%), respectively] and a proportional error model for HIV-infected patients [σ = 0.402 (24.2%)].