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Perturbations in the A1Π, v = 0 state of 12C18O investigated via complementary spectroscopic techniques

posted on 2017-08-04, 13:18 authored by T. Madhu Trivikram, R. Hakalla, A. N. Heays, M. L. Niu, S. Scheidegger, E. J. Salumbides, N. de Oliveira, R. W. Field, W. Ubachs

The A1Π(v = 0) level of 12C18O has been reinvestigated using three different high-resolution spectroscopic methods: (1) 2 + 1′ resonance-enhanced multiphoton ionisation of the A1Π − X1Σ+(0, 0) band using narrowband lasers in a Doppler-free geometry; (2) Fourier-transform emission spectroscopy in the visible range probing the B1Σ+ − A1Π(0, 0) band in a discharge; (3) Fourier-transform absorption spectroscopy in the vacuum-ultraviolet range measuring the A1Π − X1Σ+(0, 0) and B1Σ+ − X1Σ+(0, 0) bands at multiple temperatures ranging from 90 to 900 K. An effective-Hamiltonian analysis of A1Π, v = 0 levels was performed up to J = 44 which quantitatively addresses perturbations by the e 3Σ(v = 1), d3Δ(v = 4), a′3Σ+(v = 9), D 1Δ(v = 0), and I 1Σ(v = 0, 1) levels.


H2020 European Research Council [grant number ERC Advanced Grant 670168]; Horizon 2020 Framework Programme [grant number EUH2020-RIP-654148], [grant number SPF-284464]; Nederlandse Organisatie voor Wetenschappelijk Onderzoek [Dutch Astrochemistry Network (project number: 648.000.001)]; US National Science Foundation [grant number CH3-1361865]; Carpathian Regional Operational Program [grant number RPPK.01.03.00-18-001/10]; PSL Research University Paris [Postdoctoral Fellowship]