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posted on 2019-09-17, 06:20 authored by Tian Ning LimTian Ning Lim, Rachel Siao, Pamela Cajilig
Personas are fictional characters developed from real-world experiences to help designers identify, understand, and empathise with project stakeholders whose challenges and priorities need to be ordered and reconciled.

The personas in this project were created during the Understanding Risk Field Lab 2019 to educate the public on the complexities of flood problems. These personas were derived from observations, conversations with locals, and research.

This card deck can be used to guide brainstorm sessions and facilitate stakeholder meetings. It can also be used as a resource to develop educational tools or games.

There is a total of twelve characters in this card deck; there are four pages for each character — an illustration page, a page on the backstory and concerns of the character, a page for questions regarding a future scenario where no mitigation strategies have been taken, and another page with questions regarding a future scenario where mitigation strategies have been taken.


Understanding Risk Field Lab 2019