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Periorbital ecchymosis and subconjunctival hemorrhage due to leech therapy for headache

posted on 2022-05-30, 11:51 authored by Neslihan Sevimli, Remzi Karadag, Ayse Serap Karadag

ABSTRACT A 62-year-old woman was admitted to our clinic with the complaints of periorbital ecchymosis and subconjunctival hemorrhage that are visible, especially on the right eye. We noted that her complaints began the day after she underwent leech therapy on the glabella area for headache. On the glabella, 2 leech bites were observed close to the right side. Examination revealed ecchymosis on the bilateral eyelids and subconjunctival hemorrhage on the inferolateral and medial limbus on the right eye. No treatment was initiated, rather control measures were recommended. The follow-up after 1 month revealed that the patient’s complaints had disappeared.