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Patient characteristics prior to case death and risk of suicide and accidental/violent death1.

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posted on 19.02.2014 by Hamish McManus, Kathy Petoumenos, Teo Franic, Mark D. Kelly, Jo Watson, Catherine C. O’Connor, Mark Jeanes, Jennifer Hoy, David A. Cooper, Matthew G. Law

1. Controls matched to cases by treating clinic, sex, age (10 year age category at case death), mode of exposure, HIV-positive at case death. Univariate conditional logistic regression used to determine OR.

2. Overall Wald test for categorical variables.

3. Record in year prior to case death.

4. Count of recorded suicidal ideation, depression/anxiety, dysthymia, mood and personality disorders, anorexia nervosa, schizophrenia, neurocognitive impairment.

5. NeurocART regimens are those with CPE greater study median per calendar year of case death.

6. Duration weighted average in year prior to case death.