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Pathways overlapping between transcriptomic and metabolomic data.

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posted on 02.06.2017, 17:36 by Mikaela A. Miller, Thomas Danhorn, Charmion I. Cruickshank-Quinn, Sonia M. Leach, Sean Jacobson, Matthew J. Strand, Nichole A. Reisdorph, Russell P. Bowler, Irina Petrache, Katerina Kechris

Checkmarks signify significant pathway perturbation in metabolomic data (p<0.05), pink shading denotes enrichment for upregulated genes in that pathway in CS-exposed mice; blue shading indicates enrichment for downregulation in CS-exposed mice (FDR≤0.10). Perturbations indicated by shaded fields under the “Cessation” column persisted following cessation when compared to AC mice.