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Pandemic-related financial policies in G20 countries

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posted on 2021-08-20, 09:09 authored by Paola D'OrazioPaola D'Orazio

This database is built by reviewing the pandemic-related prudential policies from three different sources, namely:

- the IMF database “Policy responses to Covid-19”

- the World Bank “Covid-19 pandemic: A database of policy responses related to the financial sector”

-the “Covid-19 financial response tracker” provided by the Yale Program on Financial Stability

The focus is on the policies adopted by G20 countries in the period March-December 2020.
The review resulted in the collection of 737 data points.
Information is provided on the country, region, income level, date of the start and end of the policy (when available), description, and reference.
This database is used for the review of pandemic-related financial policies in the paper "Addressing climate-related financial risks and enhancing financial resilience in a post-pandemic framework: A review of existing policies and future perspectives"