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Pan-genome Pseudomonas aeruginosa Supplementary Table S1

posted on 2014-03-24, 15:25 authored by Christian Santos-Medellín, María-Victoria Grosso-Becerra, Abigail González-Valdez, José-Luis Méndez, Gabriela Delgado, Rosario Morales-Espinosa, Luis Servín-González, Luis David AlcarazLuis David Alcaraz, Gloria Soberón-Chávez

The Pseudomonas aeruginosa's pan-genome was described by means of comparing and clustering all the predicted proteins of the selected strains (Table 1). The clustering was done using CD-HIT version 4.6, using a 0.80 identity threshold, with longest-sequence-first list removal algorithm. Core genome was computed by means of Best Bidirectional Blast Hits and then a Genomic Similarity Score was calculated for all the Pseudomonas genus (November, 2013, v2 dataset).