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PME4: Emotion Recognition with Audio, Video, EEG, and EMG

posted on 2022-01-21, 20:00 authored by Jin ChenJin Chen, Zhigang Zhu, Tony Ro

PME4 is a posed multimodal emotion dataset with four modalities (PME4): audio, video, EEG, and EMG. Data were collected from 11 human subjects (five female and six male individuals) who were students in acting after informed consent was obtained. This dataset consists of recognizing the six basic human emotions (anger, fear, disgust, sadness, happiness, and surprise) plus a neutral emotion for a total of seven emotions.

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NSF EFRI Award #1137172

NSF BCS Awards #1358893 and #1755477

AFOSR Award #FA9550-21-1-0082

ODNI via the Intelligence Community Center for Academic Excellence (IC CAE) at Rutgers University #HHM402-19-1- 0003 and #HHM402-18-1-0007