2 files

Oviduct-on-a-chip RNAseq data for cells and zygotes

Two files providing RPM counts of:

1. RNAseq of cow oviductal cells cultured in the oviduct-on-a-chip after different hormonal stimulations (n=3 samples per treatment; BOECE1-3: pre-ovulatory phase; BOECNH1-3: no hormonal stimulation; and BOECP1-3: luteal phase)

2. RNAseq of cow zygotes produced in vitro, in the oviduct-on-a-chip and collected in vivo (n=10 analysis of single zygotes per group; ZYCH1-10: on chip zygotes, ZYVT1-10: in vitro zygotes; and ZYVV1-10: in vivo zygotes)


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