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Outputs of a backward step-wise GEE analysis with the binary sting event at Maroubra and Coogee concatenated as the response variable, in summer only.

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posted on 17.03.2022, 17:48 by Natacha Bourg, Amandine Schaeffer, Paulina Cetina-Heredia, Jasmin C. Lawes, Daniel Lee

Predictors are the lagged wind zonal and meridional components, the water temperature, wave height, rip currents estimates, the ocean currents zonal and meridional components, a seasonality variable accounting for an annual cycle peaking on the 7th of February, a “site” variable (1 for Coogee, 2 for Maroubra) and the root square of the beach attendance time-series. Only significant predictors are shown with their coefficients, 95% confidence interval, and p-value.