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Operational management of the cane infield wagon: Analysis of the cost of repair and maintenance

posted on 2018-02-28, 02:45 authored by Cezario B. Galvão, Angel P. Garcia, Daneil Albiero, Admilson Í. Ribeiro, Ângelo D. Banchi

ABSTRACT In the mechanical harvesting of sugarcane, a self-propelled harvester is used in conjunction with an agricultural implement named infield wagon, which has the function of storing and transporting the harvested product. Much of the cost of sugarcane production comes from this operation (30 to 60%). Among the operational costs of agricultural machinery, the cost of repair and maintenance (CRM) is relevant. Therefore, the objective of this study was to determine the parameters of the CRM mathematical model based on the life (hours of use) for the infield wagon, using the method of the American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers (ASABE). These CRM models were obtained for two sets of infield wagon from different manufacturers and their costs over up to 12 years. The model was adjusted and then validated using descriptive statistics methods. Fitted CRM equations were different for each analyzed set of infield wagon and, therefore, are a valuable tool in the management of mechanization in sugarcane mills as it provides elements that can support decision-making of managers in the acquisition and management of agricultural implements.