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Online Supplement, Supp and Graham et al. study on environmental correlates of hummingbird migration

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posted on 16.08.2017, 17:05 authored by Sarah SuppSarah Supp, Laura Jane GrahamLaura Jane Graham
Online Supplement to Supp and Graham et al. study, "Alternate migration scenarios provide novel insights into environmental associations for migrating hummingbird populations in North America". Data and code.
The code and data in this supplement allow for the analyses and figures to be fully replicated using eBird citizen science datasets for hummingbird observation and remotely sensed datasets from movebank for environment. Details on the code and files can be found in the Supplement_text file in the zipped folder.


The project was funded by NASA grant NNX11AO28G. SRS was supported by NSF grant 1400911. GB was supported by NSF grant 1560727.